The PTD Alumni tries its best to plan and carry out activities that are not only in line with its stated objectives but will also serve the interests of its members. The success of any events organized is very much dependent on members’ support. Hence, PTD Alumni welcomes ideas and suggestions from members in order to enable the Executive Committee to identify the kinds of activities that should be organized every year.


The EXCO have been very happy to receive good support from members of the golfing community so far. Every year there will be four or more golf events organized including the annual PTD Alumni vs Retired Police officers, quarterly golf competition and the annual golf competition among members. The Alumni has successfully started a PTD Alumni vs PPTD golf competition this year. This month also witnessed the beginning of a four-corner golf competition among the PTD Alumni, retired Police Officers, retired Military officers and the Judiciary. We expect that these activities will continue to be organized in the years ahead. New members who are golfers are urged to inform the Alumni of their interest in golf and to actively participate in our golf activities.


The EXCO also acknowledges the good support of members in the other social and welfare activities organized. These include notifying members of friends who have passed away and providing moral support to the respective families, as well as  organizing visits to members who are ill and hospitalized. The Alumni have also organized talks related to health to create a greater awareness about the warnings and indications of health problems related to cancer and heart attack. Every year, the EXCO also organized a Hari Raya gathering where members can come together to celebrate the auspicious occasion. The EXCO hopes that a higher response will be forthcoming from members in future.


One of the key objectives of the Association is to assist the efforts of the government to strengthen the relationship between the Public and the Private Sectors and also to assist in the implementation and achievement of government policies through holding of active forums for that purpose. This also represents a core focus of the EXCO. In the past, EXCO has organized a number of forums towards achieving these objectives. These include holding the PTD Alumni Economic Forum entitled “The Tenth Malaysia Plan: New Paradigm-Rising to the Challenges” in 2009, and Forum Tertutup PTD Alumni: “Ke Arah Keunggulan Perkhidmatan Tadbir dan Diplomatik” in 2010. The reports arising from these forums have been presented to the Prime Minister and Public Services Department respectively, for follow up actions of the relevant departments. Similar forums and seminars are in the planning process.


There are also other activities being planned. However, members are encouraged to suggest the kinds of activities that they would like the Alumni to organise in future if they want to see the Alumni successful in satisfying the interests of members. We would really appreciate and welcome your comments and ideas.